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Payroll Outsourcing

Workflow Payroll

An integral technological platform that makes estimation and payment of payrolls easier.

  • Automated process of payrolls with the latest technology, without cost for licenses, maintenance or updating.
  • Remote access on internet, to assess or download your information.
  • ERP platform capable of supporting any organizational structure from any sector: service, commerce, industrial, construction
  • Information on payroll costs based on the demands of each Business (cost centers, business lines, divisions, , regional offices etc.)
  • Qualified staff specialized in labor and social security areas, in continuous professional upgrade at no cost to your business. Information confidentiality for your company staff.
  • Management and operation cost reduction.

  • Payment options and incentives for the staff aimed to diminish the employee cost.
  • Analysis of the income package, to assess the possibility to create more cash flow for employees without incurring in more cost for the company.

  • Preparation and estimation of the value of vouchers given to staff based on the compensation policy of the company.
  • Preparation of the voucher lay-out (restaurants, gasoline or food vouchers, etc.)
  • Request of the vouchers to the certified (possibility of commissions cost reductions with the supplier of the services).

  • Preparation of a layout of the interfaces of events, entries, etc. suitable for the managing system of the client (SAP, ORACLE, JD. EDWARDS, etc.).
  • Implementation of payroll estimation according to payment periods, compliance of the estimation with tax, social security and labor legislation guaranteed.
  • Online query or sending of a preliminary payroll on each period for approval.
  • Online payroll diffusion.
  • Preparation of payroll receipts, on print or online (encrypted) for employees.
  • Estimation of Christmas bonuses, special payrolls, employees profit share, etc.

  • Preparation of files on personnel hiring, dismissals, and salary modifications for IMSS, by electronic or magnetic means.
  • Preparation of the magnetic file and validation of SUA contributions.
  • Estimation of daily integrated salaries and electronic or magnetic sending of the modifications for IMSS.
  • Estimation of the tax on payrolls.
  • Preparation and presentation of annual credit for the salary and salary/wages withholding tax declaration.

  • Preparation of the Journal Entry according to the needs of the company, regarding  cost centers, business lines, divisions, etc.
  • Design of an interface adapted to your accounting system, for its electronic application (SAP, JD EDWARDS, ORACLE, etc.)

  • Online information kiosk.
  • Budget module.
  • HR selection and recruiting module.
  • Training module.
  • Estimation of release and severance payments.
  • Establishment of the premium for labor risk before IMSS.
  • Establishment of the creditable subsidy of the company.
  • Preparation of payment and deduction records for employees that have worked in the company over the year.
  • Attendance of requirements related to IMSS, SAR, INFONAVIT and Payroll taxes.
  • Preparation of bonds of audit close related to the salaries.
  • Management of savings fund, pensions, etc.
  • Preparation of budget of wages, compensations and employee costs.

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